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Henry James was born in New York City on April 15,1843年。He had three brothers and one sister,他的父母很富有,感谢他们的继承。虽然他没有自己的正式工作,Henry James' father,亨利,used his wealth to move his family abroad when Henry was just twelve years old.他的动机是确保孩子们有最好的学习机会。结果是一个为期四年的欧洲之旅,在那里,家庭为詹姆斯的孩子们寻找最好的学校和导师。Henry Jr.最终成为一个自学成才的年轻人。The influence of his European childhood—as well as his time spent living abroad throughout the majority of his adult years—can be seen in his works,无论是他的写作风格还是他所探索的主题。



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17世纪的诗人和剧作家威廉·莎士比亚写了一些世界上最著名的故事。冲突,romance,喜剧片,文字游戏吸引了超过四百年的观众,莎士比亚的戏剧继续在舞台和银幕上以原版和新的形式表演,adapted forms.不同的形式对故事有不同的解释,introducing them and making them more accessible to a new audience.



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普利策奖-定于今日授予-was established over 100 years ago to honor exceptional achievements in journalism.自成立以来,the award has grown to include 21 different categories,从文学到音乐作品。亚博开户这个奖项是以约瑟夫·普利策的名字命名的,他是一位有着迷人生活的新闻记者。



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Garry Kasparov was born in 1963 in Baku,Azerbaijan in the Soviet Union.At the age of 12 he became the USSR's under-18 chess champion and at 17,他是20岁以下世界冠军。In 1985 at the age of 22,他因成为最年轻的国际象棋冠军而出名。Throughout his chess career,he defended his title five times,broke Bobby Fisher's rating record,和-也许最著名的是-played against the IBM super-computer Deep Blue.作为一名职业棋手,Kasparov was vocal about his support for democratic and market reforms and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.



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一想到欺诈,the first cases that come to mind may be corrupt money managers (à laBernard Madoff) or bankers.Businesses like Enron and WorldCom may likewise ring a bell,也。为什么我们在博客上谈论关于书籍的欺诈,但是呢?好,可悲的是,图书买卖业务并没有逃过欺诈事件,或者。In 2012,Allan Formhals was found guilty of ten counts of fraud.But he wasn't an unscrupulous banker,他是一个在网上卖书的古董商。福尔摩尔斯被判伪造书名并在eBay上作为真品提供。



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Few activities offer the sport and serenity of fishing.这种不太可能的结合使得钓鱼成为所有年龄和背景的人的一种流行消遣。总统吉米卡特和Herbert Hooverdid it.So did literary giantErnest Hemingway.飞鱼将这项相当卑微的运动提升为真正的艺术形式。一个捕蝇人必须为他的演员培养一种节奏和风格,然后练习无限的耐心。That's why Izaac Walton called fly fishing "沉思的人的消遣."



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James Patterson is nothing if not a producer.His literary output is astounding,and the publishing schedule he sticks to is rigorous one (we've written more about his methodshere)Patterson began his career in journalism.An avid reader,最后,他通过威廉·彼得·布拉蒂和弗雷德里克·福塞思等作家转向悬疑和惊悚类。Thinking he could take a stab at writing such books,Patterson set about writing his first novel,The Thomas Berryman Number.After much rejection,小布朗图书获得了帕特森的处女作。


Book Collecting Basics: The Structure of a Book

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Before taking to the skies,飞行员学习飞机的内部工作原理。珍本收藏家也应该这样对待书籍。重要的是要了解一本书是如何组合在一起的,这样才能更容易地识别出精细工艺的迹象,为了发现复制品,评估你收藏中潜在的附加价值。Here are the basics of book assembly.



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加布里埃尔·加西亚·马尔克斯的影响不能被夸大。当他在2014年去世时,he was heralded as "the greatest Colombian who ever lived"by Juan Manuel Santos,the president of Colombia at the time.What did Gabriel加雷亚姆奎兹do to be so influential and to be considered so great?他充满激情地写政治,both at home and abroad,in his non-fiction and journalistic efforts.他在小说中首创了魔幻现实主义。As his popularity grew thanks to the success of his novels likeOne Hundred Years of Solitudewhich was translated into over 30 languages,Garc_a M_rquez利用机会调解和谈,并影响到一些与他作伴的有权势人士。

也许加波的吸引力与其说是他在大范围内所做的事情,though,关于他是如何与各种形状和尺寸的读者联系起来的,以一种特殊的方式那些与他有着拉丁美洲血统的读者。As Isabel Allende stated upon his death,“在他的书中,我找到了自己的家庭,my country,我认识的人,颜色,节奏,以及我大陆的丰富。”


Top Books By State: Alaska

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When one thinks of Alaska,words that come to mind may includewilderness,请冰,山,在其他中。In effect,许多人描绘了一个人烟稀少的地区,那里地形崎岖,对任何一个发现自己被冷落在外的人来说都是残酷的。of course,是加入联邦的第49个州。Before officially becoming a state,it also served—alongside the Yukon territory—as a destination for eager gold miners during the gold rush in the early part of the twentieth century.阿拉斯加是许多阿拉斯加土著或美洲印第安人的家园。What about the literary history of Alaska?为了详细介绍各州的一些顶级书籍,我们想看看阿拉斯加州的几本书。


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